• Ganbat Chuluunbaatar / MONGOLIAN SPORTS PRESS UNION

Catching a lasso rope is a kind of sport to Mongolian nomads, which is held annually during the lavishing summer and frosty winter. The horseman sport does not depend on climate, and it is an inseparable part of ancient traditional culture which has not perished in the era of technology. Every competitor is allowed to make only one attempt to catch a lasso rope from horseback at a speed of over 40 km/h. The photo shows that Mongolian-breed horses have natural reaction to sense at the highest level. They react to any obstacles, including rocks and holes. The photo also acknowledges the astonishing beauty of nature: blue sky, grassland, mountains and hills, the horseman’s skills, and part of the modern lifestyle of the nomadic people. It was captured in Tuv province, Mongolia.


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