• Emanuela Audisio / 3D Produzioni

On August 28, 1977 – more than 40 years ago - the “King of Soccer” left his throne vacant. His last soccer jersey, “that” soccer jersey, became the shroud of the history of soccer. This video is a journey through his last match. Portland, Oregon, before just over 35,000 people, Pele plays his last match as a pro at the end of a most prodigious career. Edison Arantes do Nascimento, known in the whole world as Pelé, is almost 37 and wears the N.Y. Cosmos jersey: his body is worn out, 20 glorious seasons on his shoulders and the golden years of retirement ahead. Indeed, he quits without leaving a mark behind, although he scored over one thousand goals, this time he scores none. His team mates Steve Hunt, the Briton, and Giorgio Chinaglia from Italy were the ones who eventually tamed the Seattle Sounders in the Soccer Bowl at the finals of the American Championship, but the one paraded on his team mates’ shoulders was him - “O Rei” - the Brazilian ace, the three-time World Cup winner, the one who made the whole planet fall in love with him. Some 40 years later, a documentary film by Emanuela Audisio and produced by 3D Produzioni features the last ninety minutes played by the football legend.


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