• Emanuela Audisio / 3D Produzioni

1968, the year sport made its revolutionary mark is encapsulated in one photo to be found in posters, in our memories and in history. It is one of the most famous pictures of the 20th Century – Tommie Smith and John Carlos standing on the Olympic podium after the men’s 200 metre sprint, listening to the American national anthem with their medals round their necks: heads bent, fists clenched, black gloves. The sprinters split the sky over Mexico City with a silent, peaceful sign symbolizing everything that burned and inflamed an era. Half a century later, a documentary by Emanuela Audisio and produced by 3D Produzioni reconstructs those revolutionary Games and tells the story about how they changed political awareness towards sport, as well as its technical and technological development; about sports that did not make much money but fought hard and tried to change the world. It is a journey into the lives of those champion athletes who brought the thirst for change, freedom and justice into the sacred confines of the five circles.


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