VIDEO DOCUMENTARY / Olympics 1972: The GDR and the terror - NDR
  • Benjamin Unger (Germany)

Fifty years after Munich 1972, this NDR documentary made by AIPS Winner Benjamin Unger (2nd place in Video Athlete Profile 2019) takes us back with a twist, the strategy of the German Democratic Republic, between success and terror. Two years before the Olympics, the State security started to pick out the tourist delegation. Each traveller had to be pre-approved and intensely screened. If someone applied for tickets in Munich on their own, they would immediately be put in the black list. There had to be people close to the party and loyal to the line selected, they are only allowed to travel to Munich alone, without a partner or children. Even the cheers are meticulously rehearsed in advance in order to provide a uniform picture for the class: "5, 6, 7, 8: class”. At least 300 unofficial Stasi employees travelled to Munich. It was going to be the first time the GDR competed for with a flag and anthem. Munich 1972 began perfectly for the GDR. The medals come as requested. And there was no fraternization of the tourists with the BRD, no requests for political asylum, either. It was going exactly as planned.


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