VIDEO ATHLETE PROFILE / Donovan Carrillo: First Mexican Olympic figure skater - Olympic Channel
  • Nicolas Delloye (France)

When he competes in next Olympic Winter Games, Donovan Carrillo will be the first figure skater from Mexico to do so in 30 years. In a country with barely any Olympic size rinks, he is an artist who believes figure skating has given him the perfect platform to express himself. He moved away from his hometown and family when he was 13. Living with his coach, Gregorio Núñez, a father-like figure, to further his training. Together, they have overcome huge obstacles including lack of resources, funding and recent COVID restrictions to finally qualify for the Games. To see him train in a shopping mall because that’s the only ice track available is very touching. This profile was part of a series of winter athletes featured on Olympic Channel ahead of Beijing 2022.


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