VIDEO ATHLETE PROFILE / The Real Ruby - Sunday Television
  • Joanna Mitchell, Tania Page (New Zealand)

She’s the talented, energetic and infectiously upbeat face of women’s rugby, but Ruby Tui’s smile belies a secret pain. For the first time, Ruby talks publicly about the details of her incredibly tough childhood and the neglect that almost broke her. Her suffering led to a strength and leadership that has propelled Ruby to international success and, on the cusp of the Rugby World Cup, a brave and brutally honest Ruby speaks exclusively to SUNDAY, in a raw and honest account of Ruby Tui's journey from a messed up and unstable childhood, to global success, to Olympic champion and awards as the world's best rugby sevens player. Surviving, barely, a childhood filled with neglect Ruby made a decision, a choice, to not to let her upbringing limit her. Despite domestic violence, drugs, and attempted suicide, she has become one of the most successful women's rugby players in the world. This documentary aired two weeks before the Rugby World Cup kicked off in New Zealand. In this documentary Ruby bravely reveals how she turned pain into purpose. She shows you can have a troubled background and use it to fuel themselves forward; that they can use their struggle to create their purpose. This was broadcast on TVNZ on 25 September 2002, YouTube, and TVNZ+.


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