VIDEO ATHLETE PROFILE / MAXimum Verstappen: The Flying Dutchman – ServusTV
  • Nikolaus Mahatsek, Nikolaus Strecha (Austria)

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix had been over for a few hours - but it was only after two Mercedes protests had been crushed that it was finally clear: Max Verstappen was crowned world champion in Formula 1 at the age of 24. The provisional end point of a development that did not start with the debut of the Dutchman in the premier class of motorsport seven years ago. Because Max Verstappen was provided with racing driver genes on both his mother's and father's side. And went through a particularly tough school. How Max became what he has been since December 12, 2021 is shown in the documentary, broadcast on Servus TV, in which friends, relatives and companions have their say - and which clarifies the question of what a lonely gas station in Italy contributed to his character formation.

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