VIDEO SHORT FEATURE / The first and last match East Germany women's international match - WDR
  • Ben Unger (Germany)

Premiere in the midst of upheaval - Women's football was kept small in the GDR for a long time. It was not until May 1990 that a GDR women's selection played an international match for the first time. Shortly thereafter, the East German state is history. Women's Soccer had a hard time in the GDR, the former Eastern part of Germany: the socialist party (SED) loved sport because medals and heroes support their propaganda: it shows the strength and superiority of the socialist GDR, but as women's soccer wasn´t played at the Olympics and there were no World Cups, the party has no interest in supporting the woman. that didn´t changed until West Germany won the European title - suddenly the officials were super quick in establishing the GDR women's national team. Unfortunately, they had only one international game: in May 1991. A few weeks later East Germany collapsed


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