INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING / "Life sentence of trauma" (ABC)
  • David Mark (Australia)

The investigation into serial paedophile, Stephen Mitchell. "It's a life sentence of trauma," former world champion rock climber, Libby hall, revealed of her sexual assaults 20 years ago by serial paedophile, Stephen Mitchell. My piece for ABC's 730 current affairs program was the end result of a three-year investigation which helped to secure a 13 year prison sentence for Mitchell. In it, I revealed the full horror of Mitchell's systemic abuse of six children in Australia over 14 years, through sensitive interviews with three of his victims and the case's chief investigator, Detective Sergeant Paul Calatzis. It raised questions about how a serial paedophile was able to work at leading Australian sports institutions despite multiple warnings. Detective Sergeant Calatzis wrote to me after Mitchell was sentenced saying: "Your actions directly affected the outcomes of the investigation and brought resolution to numerous victims of child sexual assault and brought resolution to numerous victims of child sexual assault."


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