VIDEO SHORT FEATURE / Sister Isabela: A football act - TV Globo
  • Gustavo Rotstein (Brazil)

Sister Isabela is a nun who likes to play football. It seems that simple. After all, for most people who love this sport, football is a habit. For Isabela, however, it is a challenge because it goes against the wishes of her superiors. Wearing a different uniform that commands respect, she faces opponents on and off the fields of Rodrigues Alves, a city in the far west of Brazil, almost on the border with Peru. Praise be for the goals of this top scorer! This film is all made with original footage. Our crew traveled almost 5,000 km to tell the story of this nun who lives in the Amazon region. Production crew: Kiko Menezes (reporter) Edu Bernardes (cameraman) Gustavo Rotstein (producer) Matheus Guaresi (editor) Alexandre Buri (editor)


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