YOUNG REPORTERS BROADCASTING / The Other Champions: "A letter to you" - BTV
  • Stanimira Atanasova (Bulgaria)

The story "Letter to YOU" filled with so much power, life and inspiration. This is the story of the national basketball player in Persiyan Elenkov's wheelchair, who found his "savior doctor" in the person of docent Svetlin Tsonev after 5 years and 36 days. And, of course, all this thanks to sport, which always meets us, sometimes saves us. This is a story that sounds like a movie script. A film in which after 5 years and 36 days, a boy who lost his leg - is looking for his "savior doctor". And not only is he looking for him, but he also finds him, after the "savior" comes across a report on television, and they discover each other, and meet, and thank each other, and... there are many more "ands". However, none of them are from a movie script, they are from the script of life! The life of Persian and Svetlin. 

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