• Stuart Pollitt / BBC

The Kennedy who Changed the World tells the story of how one woman from America’s most famous family changed the world for the most disadvantaged and discriminated people on the planet – through sport. And despite her efforts it reveals what life is like today for sporting youngsters with an intellectual disability. This programme was made on a small budget but has had a huge impact around the world. It revealed the emotional story of how those with intellectual disabilities found a place through sport and how a strong woman in a man’s world fought for acceptance and understanding of people with autism, down’s syndrome and other learning difficulties. The entire programme was conceived, produced, written, filmed and edited by just two people, Stuart Pollitt and Phill Smith. Stuart discovered key interviewees who had never spoken before, persuaded famous celebrities and politicians to be interviewed for no fee, including members of the Kennedy family, President Bill Clinton and Nicole Scherzinger. Phill used his visual talents to create arresting opening images and made skilful use of unseen archive material to fully explain the horror of life for those with intellectual disabilities just a few decades ago.


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