• Matthew Allen / NBC Sports Group

Born with one name, abandoned and then given another, Toby Dawson’s life has been a constant reinvention thanks to a journey replete with moments of self discovery. His beginnings could have left him lost in as a statistic, one of the nearly hundreds of thousands of children orphaned and adopted from Korea in the 1980’s and ‘90’s but from the moment he arrived in his new home in Vail, Colorado, the skiing lifestyle of his new American family gave him just enough of an outlet for him to craft his own identity and course. It’s both fitting and ironic that the moment that he thought would allow him to finally define himself on his own terms, his 2006 Olympic debut, ended up bringing him full circle back to a long lost past that was taken from him shortly after he was born. Told in his own words, this is the story of someone claiming that universal birthright, the ownership their destiny regardless of their origins, and shaping it as they see fit.


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