WRITING COLOUR PIECE / An indigenous women’s softball team beats machismo - The New York Times
  • Adam Williams (USA)

Sports feature published in The New York Times on Nov. 17, 2021 about two indigenous women's softball teams in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, the Diablillas de Hondzonot and the Amazonas de Yaxunah. The women on the teams play softball barefoot while wearing colourful hand-embroidered huipil dresses, the traditional attire of their Mayan culture. In an area of the country where sports for women were frowned upon for centuries, the Diablillas and Amazonas are challenging gender stereotypes and a culture of machismo in their villages. As a result, members of the teams have achieved local celebrity in Mexico, met with the Mexican president, been painted on murals and been invited to speak on panels about women and indigenous rights. The story brought attention to these brave women and their love of softball and, following publication, university softball teams from the U.S. donated apparel such as bats, gloves and balls to both the Diablillas and Amazonas.


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