Investigative Mention / Sports psychologist Sasa Sredanovic falsely presents herself to the public
  • Stefan Kosanović (Serbia)

The story revolves around psychologist Saša Sredanović, who had been portrayed in Serbian and other Balkan media as the most elite expert in the field of sports psychology. She had appeared in over 100 media outlets, claiming to work at Barcelona's La Masia Academy and previously for clubs such as Olimpija Ljubljana, Real Betis, and Athletic Bilbao. This investigative piece has revealed that Sredanović had fabricated not only her educational background but also managed to deceive several municipalities that paid her for giving lectures on athletes' mental health. What makes this case intriguing is the fact that during the investigation, the journalist faced threats, and the newsroom received a cease and desist letter, which was later revealed to have been authored by a fictitious attorney. This case dominated headlines across the Balkans for weeks, sparking discussions on the mental well-being of athletes and the qualifications of those working in this field.


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