• Carlos Matallanas / AS

Immediately after Rafa Nadal won his record-extending 12th French Open title in June 2019, Carlos Matallanas began to prepare an article for his column in the newspaper AS. But according to him, nothing he wrote seemed original; “we have already said all the compliments that exist to describe Nadal's career,” he stated. It was then he decided to write about what that victory meant to him personally, even though he felt a bit shy talking about his private life. Matallanas asked for the opinion of the newspaper director, who then gave his consent. In the column, which is written as a letter, Matallanas speaks directly to Nadal expressing the great feelings that overwhelm him whenever he watches the best Spanish athlete in history play. Matallanas, who is suffering from a very serious illness (ELA / ALS / MND), also discloses how Nadal helps him in his fight against adversity.

ENGLISH AVAILABLE HERE: http://bit.ly/2ROioy8


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