Refugee Paralympian Ibrahim Al Hussein's remarkable journey from war-torn Syria
  • Nick Hope / BBC

He lost a leg protecting his friend who had been shot by a sniper. He risked death by paying off smugglers to secure an escape Syria. He was so poor he ended up living on the streets and eating grass just to say alive. He never gave up. Ibrahim Al Hussein has an incredible story, but he is also a remarkable individual who demonstrates the power of perseverance and a barely believable level of human sprit. Ahead of competing as part of the first-ever Refugee Paralympic Team at the Tokyo 2020 Games, in this story he says: "I was always fighting for a better life and had the belief that tomorrow would be better. I hope people who see me or read about me realise that even if you're a refugee or become disabled, life has not stopped. There's still so much you can achieve.”


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